Moor and moor





Yesterday was such a beautiful day so we went out onto the moors to enjoy the sunshine.

I loved looking at the wild ponies and crawling around on the grass.


My New House






Just a quick entry into my log while my parents are crazily busy unpacking..

Enjoying the sunshine in our garden

Playing with my new golf clubs

My room at the moment

We love our new house! I will try to post more photos soon, but it’s quite tricky without our computer and internet set up. And the photos are only from Mamma’s phone, that’s why they’re not great.

New stuff

I’m such a busy bee that Mamma is finding it hard to take lots of nice photos for me to add to this log. But here are a few that aren’t too blurry, and hopefully you will be able to see what kind of things I’ve been doing lately:

It is fun to crawl through tunnels…

… or to play with the boxes that we will use to pack up our stuff when we move.

I notice so many things around me, and just can’t stop pointing at them all!

I love to walk around holding on to a grown-up’s hands…

And I love exploring in the house.

I am fascinated by animals, like the baby seagulls that are wandering around in the garden:

For a while, I really did NOT want to go to sleep, but I’ve decided that maybe sleeping isn’t actually too bad… and after all the stuff I’ve been up to, I really need my sleep!


The Ants Pants

The warm sunny days have come to an end… Luckily, the rain doesn’t stay for long, so I can still go out to play.

Look at my cool waterproofs! This way I can play outside on the damp grass without getting my clothes wet.

Thanks, Granny!

Seagulls make such a noise!

In the middle of a very serious conversation...

Is Mamma going to notice me trying to chew on the stick?

When Mamma says no, I give her The Look, point my finger and shake my head

Sticks, stones, twigs, leaves... What do I look at first?

Oooh, what's up here on the bench?

Look, a dog, a dog!