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I can walk!
It’s true, people, at 12 months and 11 days, I started to walk properly.

Unfortunately, I have no photographic evidence of this as my photographer (Mamma) is still having to use her mobile phone for taking photos for my log (no internet connection other than mobile phones!)

But – back on to the exciting topic – walking is great fun. I walk backwards and forwards between Mamma and Pappa, throwing the ball to one, then chasing after the ball before throwing it to the other.
I can also walk between pieces of furniture or even into the next room.

Hopefully, Mamma will be able to get some good action shots to add to the log later.

Gotta run. Walk, rather!


New stuff

I’m such a busy bee that Mamma is finding it hard to take lots of nice photos for me to add to this log. But here are a few that aren’t too blurry, and hopefully you will be able to see what kind of things I’ve been doing lately:

It is fun to crawl through tunnels…

… or to play with the boxes that we will use to pack up our stuff when we move.

I notice so many things around me, and just can’t stop pointing at them all!

I love to walk around holding on to a grown-up’s hands…

And I love exploring in the house.

I am fascinated by animals, like the baby seagulls that are wandering around in the garden:

For a while, I really did NOT want to go to sleep, but I’ve decided that maybe sleeping isn’t actually too bad… and after all the stuff I’ve been up to, I really need my sleep!


A Round Of Applause…

Today I am 10 months old.

I started clapping my hands yesterday 🙂

Pappa and Mamma are so happy.

I’m not sure why – it’s just me putting my two hands together… but they’re chuffed, so I guess I’ll carry on doing it. At least until Mamma has taken a photo of me clapping. I stop every time she gets the camera out. That foils her plans. Bwahahaha <sneaky chuckle>

Yesterday we also went to a garden centre and saw lots of fascinating little fish swimming in tanks, colourful flapping birds, and some sleepy rabbits. I think I liked it. I hope we can go back again sometime.

I’ll be back with some more photos from the past week… but for now, it’s nap time!

Bye bye *wave*

Last week

Don’t take it personally, but I’ve not really had time to enter much into my captain’s log lately. I have been very busy crawling, standing up, holding on carefully to furniture while walking around, and generally grabbing at anything and everything.

Since the last time I posted an entry, I have grown another two teeth (so now I have three on the top, with a fourth well on its way), and I am now 9 months old. Apparently, tomorrow (Friday 6th May) I will be exactly 39 weeks and 6 days old… Mamma says that means that the next day (Saturday) I will have been out longer than I was in. I’m not too sure what that means but she thinks it’s important to know!

Last week I discovered a new game: Open and Close the Cupboards.

Another thing that happened last week was that Mamma took me to her school’s street party. She had me wearing a lovely prince’s crown (well, she thought it was lovely – eventually I gave up trying to take it off) to celebrate the royal wedding.