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I can walk!
It’s true, people, at 12 months and 11 days, I started to walk properly.

Unfortunately, I have no photographic evidence of this as my photographer (Mamma) is still having to use her mobile phone for taking photos for my log (no internet connection other than mobile phones!)

But – back on to the exciting topic – walking is great fun. I walk backwards and forwards between Mamma and Pappa, throwing the ball to one, then chasing after the ball before throwing it to the other.
I can also walk between pieces of furniture or even into the next room.

Hopefully, Mamma will be able to get some good action shots to add to the log later.

Gotta run. Walk, rather!


An Interesting Walk





This morning we went to nearby Cann Wood.

What started out as a lovely walk ended up with me in A&E! It obviously wasn’t anything too serious or I wouldn’t be able to write in my log about it yet, but I was really itchy and red and swollen, especially on my face and neck. I must have had an allergic reaction to something in the woods. Because it’s a Saturday, we couldn’t go to the doctors, so off to hospital it was! Before long I was feeling much better and playing with the toys in the waiting area. We’re home now and I’ve had a lovely nap.




Pappa has put up gates at the top and bottom of the stairs. They are frustrating – I didn’t like that I couldn’t follow Pappa upstairs so I screeched and moaned and tried to get over the silly gate.
I couldn’t.

My New House






Just a quick entry into my log while my parents are crazily busy unpacking..

Enjoying the sunshine in our garden

Playing with my new golf clubs

My room at the moment

We love our new house! I will try to post more photos soon, but it’s quite tricky without our computer and internet set up. And the photos are only from Mamma’s phone, that’s why they’re not great.

Farm Fun

Well, today we’re in our new house! Mamma knew that I wouldn’t have time (or internet access) to add anything to my Captain’s Log, so we’ve prepared this post in advance to give you something to read while we’re busy unpacking.

Last month, on a particularly hot and sunny day, I went to Pennywell Farm with our Thursday toddler group.

We went there as a special treat because it was our last group for the (school) year. And that means that it was my last time there! Next school year (September) I’ll be starting at nursery, so I won’t get to see my Big Fish friends on Thursdays anymore 😦

Each child had to have a sticker with their name and age on it. Look at mine:

(Of course I’ve turned 1 already by now!)

I’m too small to touch the animals, but I had a lovely time watching them and listening to all their noise. I saw horses, goats, sheep, reindeer, rabbits, pigs, and more!

And we got to go on a little train ride!

Mamma thought I would cry, but I was just chillaxing… checking out the view, taking it all in.

I know I don’t look very happy in this photo, but it’s just that the train was going quite fast and I had to concentrate on holding on and looking at everything whizzing past.

It was great!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my little adventure, hopefully I will be able to post news from our new house soon.