New shoes



I have a pair of slippers and a pair of trainers (tekkies!)
They are great… to play with, NOT to actually wear!

It is quite difficult to walk in shoes, and I keep falling over.
And I really don’t like having to sit still while Pappa or Mamma try to get my feet into the shoes.

But it is quite cool to have shoes like Pappa’s…






Pappa and Mamma have been trying to take photos of me walking to share in my log. It’s been tricky, but here are a few slightly less blurry pictures for you. Just to get the idea of the huge grin on my face when I walk, and that I can pick toys up and carry them with me when I walk.

Breaking news

I can walk!
It’s true, people, at 12 months and 11 days, I started to walk properly.

Unfortunately, I have no photographic evidence of this as my photographer (Mamma) is still having to use her mobile phone for taking photos for my log (no internet connection other than mobile phones!)

But – back on to the exciting topic – walking is great fun. I walk backwards and forwards between Mamma and Pappa, throwing the ball to one, then chasing after the ball before throwing it to the other.
I can also walk between pieces of furniture or even into the next room.

Hopefully, Mamma will be able to get some good action shots to add to the log later.

Gotta run. Walk, rather!

31st July 2011

Today is my first birthday!

Apparently a birthday is when your Mamma and Pappa make a big fuss of getting you dressed and ready before they’ve even properly woken up (or even showered, tsk tsk).

And then they give you some colourful stuff that you’re allowed to tear up. And inside the colourful paper stuff are things to wear or play with! Cool.

And birthdays also mean even more photo’s than usual.

Photographs to follow…