Messy messy messy


Hard at work




We love our new house!
We are busy painting the walls at the moment, but Mamma has managed to take a few photos here and there.

It’s my party this weekend, so the redecorating has to be finished on time. In the meantime, I have to eat my meals in the kitchen, surrounded by mess!

Little White Mouse

I love books. I’m good at turning pages, and these days my favourite thing to do is to point at things on the pages.

My favourite books are ‘That’s not my…’ books. I have the tiger and the monkey books, and we’re always getting new ones from the library. Like…


Look at all those book covers really carefully… what can you see in those pictures that is the same on every book?

Hmm, need a clue? Think about the title of this post.

Got it? Got it! The little white mouse!

On every page (even the back cover) of every book, there is a little white mouse. And I am an expert at finding it!

And it’s not only little white mice I can spot in my books these days… here’s a link to a video of me pointing at other animals in books. I apologise in advance for my dorky parents – they’re just to impressed by my genius, and they’re so easily excited!

New stuff

I’m such a busy bee that Mamma is finding it hard to take lots of nice photos for me to add to this log. But here are a few that aren’t too blurry, and hopefully you will be able to see what kind of things I’ve been doing lately:

It is fun to crawl through tunnels…

… or to play with the boxes that we will use to pack up our stuff when we move.

I notice so many things around me, and just can’t stop pointing at them all!

I love to walk around holding on to a grown-up’s hands…

And I love exploring in the house.

I am fascinated by animals, like the baby seagulls that are wandering around in the garden:

For a while, I really did NOT want to go to sleep, but I’ve decided that maybe sleeping isn’t actually too bad… and after all the stuff I’ve been up to, I really need my sleep!


nom nom nom…

At last I have discovered the joy of eating proper food! It has taken me a while to get the hang of it, but these days I really like eating, especially when Mamma and Pappa have their meals with me. We have lots of fun together, and I am usually quite happy to try new things if they are eating it too.

I have discovered fruit smoothies 🙂

They are yummy and I want MORE!

(Can you see my blue swimming nappy cover on the clothes horse behind me? I went swimming with Pappa and loved it!)

And my favourite food at the moment is…. PEAS!

Mamma thinks it’s funny that Ouma gave me a bowl about peas, and now I love peas…

Give peas a chance

Sometimes I will even let Mamma or Pappa feed me with a fork (like rice or mash), although I definitely still prefer to pick up my food and feed myself.

My silly parents are so pleased that they keep taking video clips of me eating. Ridiculous! What’s the big deal?