Who Is This Little Captain?

Ahoy! My name is Joel. Despite being the newest addition to the Neethling family, I am very much in charge.

My parents sometimes call me Kapteintjie [kup-tane-key], which is Afrikaans for ‘Little Captain’. I think they mean it as a joke, but it’s quite fitting since I call the shots around here.

If I want to be picked up, or don’t  want to be picked up, I’m sure to make my feelings known. And if I don’t want to sleep, I let them know very quickly and very LOUDLY. Who can sleep when there’s so much going on? And now I have a blog to write too!

My favourite things are crawling, holding onto furniture to stand up, playing and chewing. I have 7 teeth that I show off in my cheeky grin 🙂

I was born on the 31st July 2010. You do the maths (I can’t).


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