Happy Birthday to Me!

Ooooh, presents

I wonder what this could be?

A card from Ouma & Oupa in South Africa

Ah, I'm getting the hang of this now... tear the paper!

A Madiba T-shirt! Dankie, Oom Gorkie & Tannie Denise.

A quick outfit change... Springbok rugby T-shirt. Wow!

And the last present is...

... a golf set from Pappa & Mamma!

Gotta get the ball in the hole. Is it in?

Time to blow out the candle.

Wow, I actually get to eat cake on my birthday! Yum.

Phew, what a morning!

I’m off to have a nap (apparently having a birthday doesn’t mean you don’t have to have a nap!)

More photo’s still to come…


One response to “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. Ouma se liefie! Danki julle vir al di moeite met al di fotos! Ons waardeer dit vreeslik!!! In ons harte us ons daarvandag!

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