Little White Mouse

I love books. I’m good at turning pages, and these days my favourite thing to do is to point at things on the pages.

My favourite books are ‘That’s not my…’ books. I have the tiger and the monkey books, and we’re always getting new ones from the library. Like…


Look at all those book covers really carefully… what can you see in those pictures that is the same on every book?

Hmm, need a clue? Think about the title of this post.

Got it? Got it! The little white mouse!

On every page (even the back cover) of every book, there is a little white mouse. And I am an expert at finding it!

And it’s not only little white mice I can spot in my books these days… here’s a link to a video of me pointing at other animals in books. I apologise in advance for my dorky parents – they’re just to impressed by my genius, and they’re so easily excited!


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