New stuff

I’m such a busy bee that Mamma is finding it hard to take lots of nice photos for me to add to this log. But here are a few that aren’t too blurry, and hopefully you will be able to see what kind of things I’ve been doing lately:

It is fun to crawl through tunnels…

… or to play with the boxes that we will use to pack up our stuff when we move.

I notice so many things around me, and just can’t stop pointing at them all!

I love to walk around holding on to a grown-up’s hands…

And I love exploring in the house.

I am fascinated by animals, like the baby seagulls that are wandering around in the garden:

For a while, I really did NOT want to go to sleep, but I’ve decided that maybe sleeping isn’t actually too bad… and after all the stuff I’ve been up to, I really need my sleep!



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