nom nom nom…

At last I have discovered the joy of eating proper food! It has taken me a while to get the hang of it, but these days I really like eating, especially when Mamma and Pappa have their meals with me. We have lots of fun together, and I am usually quite happy to try new things if they are eating it too.

I have discovered fruit smoothies 🙂

They are yummy and I want MORE!

(Can you see my blue swimming nappy cover on the clothes horse behind me? I went swimming with Pappa and loved it!)

And my favourite food at the moment is…. PEAS!

Mamma thinks it’s funny that Ouma gave me a bowl about peas, and now I love peas…

Give peas a chance

Sometimes I will even let Mamma or Pappa feed me with a fork (like rice or mash), although I definitely still prefer to pick up my food and feed myself.

My silly parents are so pleased that they keep taking video clips of me eating. Ridiculous! What’s the big deal?


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