Getting my water legs

I seem to be spending a lot of time in or near water these days. It’s great!

The sun has been shining, Pappa hasn’t had to go to work, and I’ve been doing interesting things 🙂 Like chewing on pebbles, splashing in pools and puddles, eating throwing sand and climbing rocks.

On Saturday (yesterday), Pappa and Mamma took me out for a walk, and we discovered a secret beach.

Oh, okay, so not really a secret beach, but Mamma and Pappa didn’t know about it, even though they’ve lived here for years! There was a tidal pool and a pebble beach. I loved watching the other children playing and swimming, and I did plenty of exploring.

Pappa has to go back to work next week 😦 I will miss hanging out with him during the day.


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