Fun with friends

It’s the Captain’s Mamma here… just took a sneak peek at the Little Captain’s log about our picnic at Mount Edgcumbe yesterday. Since he’s napping, I thought I’d save him the trouble and post his pictures for him.

That’s Mount Edgcumbe behind and to the left…

I did NOT like going on the swings while we waited for the ferry.

But I did love our picnic lunch in the shade šŸ™‚

And the pebbles on the beach were fascinating.

I love chewing on pebbles!

Such a shame Pappa didn't let me though.

While the bigger boys played boules, I hung out on the grass and inspected the wheels of my pram.

I refused to wear my hat, but I kindly offered it to Mamma since she seemed to like it so much.

After our lovely day in the sun, I was very tired so I was glad to be heading home on the ferry.

Thanks, Scotties, for a fabulous day šŸ™‚


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