Playing ball

Ek hou baie daarvan om met my bal te speel 🙂



What does this have to do with me?

Well, Pappa has some lofty aspirations for me.

Here he is helping me to practise for when it’s my turn to be announced as the winner of the Masters in a couple of decade’s time:

He had to give up on the handshake idea, but at least we posed for a prize winner certificate holder photo 🙂

This is my first certificate. I got it for taking books out of the library. Remember this?

Picnic in the park

I had a picnic in the park with my friends. It was a little while ago, but I forgot to post the photo’s in my log.

We had a long walk, then a crawl around and munch, and then our mums dragged us off to a grown up place where we sat on a sofa until we were allowed to play under the table 🙂

Peg leg

I love chewing on these colourful plastic clothes pegs that Granny gave me.

She must be very clever – how did she know I would enjoy them so much?

We don’t go anywhere without them. Mamma pegs them onto the straps of my pram or carseat, and pops a few in her bag whenever we go out, in case we go somewhere where there won’t be toys for me.

 Sometimes I throw them around and then go crawling after them. That’s a great game!

Thanks, Granny 🙂

Getting my water legs

I seem to be spending a lot of time in or near water these days. It’s great!

The sun has been shining, Pappa hasn’t had to go to work, and I’ve been doing interesting things 🙂 Like chewing on pebbles, splashing in pools and puddles, eating throwing sand and climbing rocks.

On Saturday (yesterday), Pappa and Mamma took me out for a walk, and we discovered a secret beach.

Oh, okay, so not really a secret beach, but Mamma and Pappa didn’t know about it, even though they’ve lived here for years! There was a tidal pool and a pebble beach. I loved watching the other children playing and swimming, and I did plenty of exploring.

Pappa has to go back to work next week 😦 I will miss hanging out with him during the day.

Splashing About

Yesterday I hung out with my friends Grace and Malachi again 🙂

We had fun splashing about in my little paddling pool while the grown ups sorted out the braai.

We had such a great time together that I simply refused to have an afternoon nap. How can I sleep when there’s so much playing to do?