A Round Of Applause…

Today I am 10 months old.

I started clapping my hands yesterday 🙂

Pappa and Mamma are so happy.

I’m not sure why – it’s just me putting my two hands together… but they’re chuffed, so I guess I’ll carry on doing it. At least until Mamma has taken a photo of me clapping. I stop every time she gets the camera out. That foils her plans. Bwahahaha <sneaky chuckle>

Yesterday we also went to a garden centre and saw lots of fascinating little fish swimming in tanks, colourful flapping birds, and some sleepy rabbits. I think I liked it. I hope we can go back again sometime.

I’ll be back with some more photos from the past week… but for now, it’s nap time!

Bye bye *wave*


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