A Round Of Applause…

Today I am 10 months old.

I started clapping my hands yesterday 🙂

Pappa and Mamma are so happy.

I’m not sure why – it’s just me putting my two hands together… but they’re chuffed, so I guess I’ll carry on doing it. At least until Mamma has taken a photo of me clapping. I stop every time she gets the camera out. That foils her plans. Bwahahaha <sneaky chuckle>

Yesterday we also went to a garden centre and saw lots of fascinating little fish swimming in tanks, colourful flapping birds, and some sleepy rabbits. I think I liked it. I hope we can go back again sometime.

I’ll be back with some more photos from the past week… but for now, it’s nap time!

Bye bye *wave*


A Quiet Moment

Well, after saying yesterday that I’m never ever still, I’ve finally found a moment just to chill out with Pappa. I love hanging out with him when he gets home from work.

I get so excited when I hear him coming in, and I cry a bit if he tries to put me down after some cuddles.  Only because I want more!

Usually I like it when he throws me around and makes a lot of noise, but sometimes we have a quiet moment together.

I love letting Pappa have a turn with whatever I’m chewing on or playing with.

Busy Busy Bee

I’m never, ever still these days.

I’m so excited to be able to pull myself up on the furniture, and I love drumming on the table with my hands!

It makes it hard for Mamma to get photos of me that aren’t blurry, but here are a few anyway:

Sometimes I sing along too, or shout to make even more noise while I’m bashing on the table.

What fun 🙂

More rOuGh PlAy!

Oh wow!

I told you yesterday about one of my new favourite games to play with Pappa, but now I’m getting braver and I roll right over the edge of the bed instead of waiting for Pappa to reach up and grab me!

This way is so much more fun – especially when Pappa lifts me back up onto the bed. I dive forward onto the bed, then turn around and roll right back off again… it’s a brilliant game!