Just Beachy

Another first for the Little Captain!

We went to the beach yesterday… I suspect Pappa and Mamma were more excited about this than I was though.

I mean, it wasn’t bad (except when they tried to make me stand in the water: C O L D !) but I don’t really see what the fuss was all about.  Especially since Mamma wouldn’t let me chew on an interesting pebble for very long, and they kept putting my  hat back on, no matter how many times I pulled it off.

But there were lots of people to watch, and lots of noisy sounds, and the sand felt so nice in my toes and fingers 🙂

Grandpa Mac: Mamma says we should add this in for you – this is where we were (red)…

Apparently, it’s the Easter weekend. So Happy Easter, everyone!


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