A Happy Monday in the Holidays

With all this sunny weather, we’ve been quite busy. And that means lots of photos! So here’s some of our day yesterday:

We started off with breakfast in my ‘new’ wooden high chair… Thanks, Charis, I love it!

Then off to the library…

Now that I can crawl, I’m far more interested in getting over to the pram wheels than reading the books:

Then we walked back home through the park. It’s so nice to have Pappa around in the school holidays 🙂

Mamma says to look at the beautiful blossoming trees and the petals all over the grass… Personally, I think she should save that kind of thing for her blog.

Later on, we went out on the grass at home…

Some of the neighbours came over to play and chat with me. Mamma let them take some photos with our camera. This is one of their pictures:

And I love playing with Buttons, the reindeer Oupa gave me. I stare at him all the time, and love pulling his horns antlers (according to Mamma) and scratching his buttons. So this is me and Buttons on Monday evening before bedtime:


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