Poor Little Baby…

This is the Little Captain’s Mamma here… I hope you don’t think I’m cruel when you see these photos, but part of knowing a baby is seeing them miserable too. And with the captain’s new moves, hurting himself is inevitable.

This is a typical situation:

  • The little feller wakes up
  • He cannot get back to sleep because he is so keen to practise standing up
  • He then gets stuck in standing position, tries to sit back down and goefs (our new word) his head on the bars of the cot
  • He has a little cry because he’s not used to hurting himself
  • After a few cuddles and some distraction techniques from a parent, he’s back to his usual happy self

Ummm, I know I’m biased, but how cute is he????

Look at that little scrunched up crying face… and then the cheeky grin… aaaaaawwwww.


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