From the Crow’s Nest

Another little post from the mother… sorry, I keep butting in and adding my two cents!

Us grown-ups just wanted to post some beach photos of us with the Captain, too 🙂

Enjoy xxx


Just Beachy

Another first for the Little Captain!

We went to the beach yesterday… I suspect Pappa and Mamma were more excited about this than I was though.

I mean, it wasn’t bad (except when they tried to make me stand in the water: C O L D !) but I don’t really see what the fuss was all about.  Especially since Mamma wouldn’t let me chew on an interesting pebble for very long, and they kept putting my  hat back on, no matter how many times I pulled it off.

But there were lots of people to watch, and lots of noisy sounds, and the sand felt so nice in my toes and fingers 🙂

Grandpa Mac: Mamma says we should add this in for you – this is where we were (red)…

Apparently, it’s the Easter weekend. So Happy Easter, everyone!

Wonderful Wednesday

Yet another sunny day! We headed off to Central Park for a picnic lunch.

It was packed! I loved watching the other children playing, and hung out with Mamma and Pappa in a shady patch on the grass.

I ate (well, chewed) and played and ate some more and had cuddles and a few more chews and a bit more playing. It was great 🙂

Oh, and did I tell you that my third tooth has finally come out? It showed through last week but I’ve been so busy thinking about my crawling that I forgot to write it in the log. It’s at the top, but it’s not the one Mamma was expecting.

Off to the beach tomorrow… Hopefully I’ll have lots more picture to show you of my first beach outing.

Night night.

Fun Tuesday :)

On Tuesday I went to visit Aunty Ems and Charlie. Charlie was splashing about in his paddling pool, and I was happily watching from my comfy spot in the shade…

But Aunty Ems had an even better idea… a swimming nappy and Charlie’s swim shorts 🙂

My friend played so nicely with me, and didn’t splash too much or get too rough. I had so much fun, thanks Charlie!

Charlie is very good at texting on his mobile phone… and I’m very good at finding things to chew on. Like this fishing rod.

Drying off after my swim:

Look at my Nemo swimming nappy. And a post-swimming wrinkly foot 🙂

Crawling around in the sunshine…

A Happy Monday in the Holidays

With all this sunny weather, we’ve been quite busy. And that means lots of photos! So here’s some of our day yesterday:

We started off with breakfast in my ‘new’ wooden high chair… Thanks, Charis, I love it!

Then off to the library…

Now that I can crawl, I’m far more interested in getting over to the pram wheels than reading the books:

Then we walked back home through the park. It’s so nice to have Pappa around in the school holidays 🙂

Mamma says to look at the beautiful blossoming trees and the petals all over the grass… Personally, I think she should save that kind of thing for her blog.

Later on, we went out on the grass at home…

Some of the neighbours came over to play and chat with me. Mamma let them take some photos with our camera. This is one of their pictures:

And I love playing with Buttons, the reindeer Oupa gave me. I stare at him all the time, and love pulling his horns antlers (according to Mamma) and scratching his buttons. So this is me and Buttons on Monday evening before bedtime: