The Clocks Have Changed

This week I noticed the bear hanging on my cot for the first time. I love stroking its soft tail and rubbing the tag on it – those are the two things I can reach easily.

Today I had to wear sunscreen  for the first time. I did not like having it rubbed onto my face, but Mamma said that if I wanted to watch Pappa playing football then I had to wear sunscreen.

Another first was that I saw my friend Kayla for the first time since she was 3 weeks old – that was about 5 months ago! I saw her at Big Fish on Thursday, and then again at church this morning, and then again when our dads played in the tournament this afternoon.

This week I also found out that I have a toothbrush. And I discovered that only one end of it is nice for chewing on.

As you can see from the pictures, I have ‘found’ a new toy. And I’m not talking about the toothbrush. Let’s just say, Mamma is glad I have my nappy on in these pictures. She keeps saying things like ouch and nee, eina! I’m not sure what she’s on about – it doesn’t hurt one bit when I test how stretchy it is…

This weekend the clocks have changed – apparently we lost an hour. I’m not sure what it’s all about, but Mamma says it means we have only one hour time difference between us and Granny, Grandpa, Ouma and Oupa. That will make it easier to talk to them, which is great news!

Well, we’ve had a lovely long weekend, with plenty of celebrations and visitors. The adults barbec… I mean, braaied (Pappa says I have to call it a braai) and ate Pappa’s birthday cake, while I got to see lots of new faces and hang out with some familiar ones. Thank you to everyone who helped to make this a lovely birthday weekend for my Pappa 🙂

*Mamma says don’t forget, there are photos on her blog about our week too – have a look at Wednesday and Thursday for pictures (the link to her blog is just over to the left in my blogroll).


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