What A Week!

Hanging out with Pappa

Well, what a week I’ve had…

Pappa came home from a week away – we had such fun hanging out! And he brought back a colourful mini rugby ball for me from France! Unfortunately, he also brought a cold with him, so he wasn’t feeling very well, and now Mamma has a cold too. And now… I have a contagious skin disease! [Ooops, Mamma doesn’t think I should sound so pleased about it, but I think it’s quite exciting, really: I’ve not been too itchy or poorly at all, but any time I do feel a little off colour I get lots of extra cuddles, and since I can’t go out anywhere, I’ve had lots of time to play with Mamma and Pappa without having to rush around or see lots of new faces or even bother with getting dressed up. Mamma and I have had some lovely pyjama days 🙂 ]

Messy Eater

This week I got totally covered in sweet potato mush. I think I was supposed to eat it, but I was far more interested in chewing on the spoon and playing with the shower curtain that Mamma spread out on the floor (yes, a shower curtain!) so the orange mush landed up everywhere except in my mouth. This food stuff still tastes and feels too weird.

I’ve started rolling around like crazy in my cot so Pappa and Mamma have lowered the mattress… I have a big baby cot now! Now Mamma doesn’t have to worry about my kicking and bashing and rolling at night. I like sleeping on my tummy now, and my new game is kicking the cot mobile on and off when I’m supposed to be going to sleep. Heehee.

We’ve had such lovely sunny days this week, so I’ve spent a bit of time outdoors. Mamma kept taking photos of my feet – she says it’s important to have photos of the first time my feet got dirty from being in the grass. Crazy lady.

And another thing we did before Mamma realised that I was highly contagious, was to go to the library. I got my first ever library book using my new library card.

So all in all, not a bad week, but definitely not a ‘normal’ one either!

PS Mamma said she would post some more photos later. That means when I’m in bed tonight, I suppose.


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