A Day In Town

Saturday was the day for our first visit to a new group – the Plymouth Multilingual Families support group. The group only meets once a month so we’ve had to wait a while since Mamma found out about it.

We had such a good time! I met people who speak lots of different languages, but we are the first Afrikaans-speaking members they’ve ever had 🙂 At the end everyone sat in a circle to sing some ‘goodbye’ songs and Mamma told them that we say totsiens, so they all sang the goodbye song using totsiens instead of goodbye. I hope that Pappa can join us next time.

Mamma and I also had a lovely wander around town in the sunshine. It was so busy and noisy and I just loved watching everything that was going on.

On the way home

After our noisy time in town, we had a chilled out broccoli session on the kitchen floor… yes, it was as weird as it sounds! Broccoli feels very strange but it’s actually quite interesting to chew on. I wasn’t all that taken with the carrot sticks, though. And of course, the bowl that can spin and roll was the best thing about our play time!

I can’t wait to see Pappa! He’ll get home after my bedtime, but I’ll see him first thing in the morning. I can’t wait 🙂 Perhaps I should wake up at around 4am again, like I’ve been doing for Mamma…


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