Wacky Wednesday

Today was very wacky indeed. It’s all because of these teeth that are moving around and making me feel a bit miserable… and also because I miss my Pappa.

Although I don’t mind going places and seeing people, all I really want to do is have lots of cuddles. So when we were playing at home, I wanted Mamma close by. And when we went to get some groceries, I was wrapped up in the sling and held onto Mamma. And when we visited friends and played in the park… you guessed it – I just wanted to be with Mamma. I did enjoy watching my friend playing, and I liked it when Mamma sat with me on the park equipment, but this is the only photo Mamma managed to take of me all day because she was holding me so much! As you can see, I’m not really very impressed with being in the pram.

I also slept at all sorts of strange times – I fell asleep at 4:30 and slept till 8pm! But now of course I want to be awake and play for a while, which is why I’m only posting in my Captain’s Log now.

And do you know what I’ve discovered while I’ve been awake tonight? I have a book called That’s not my tiger. Mamma always says that the tiger has a fuzzy nose, but tonight for the first time I really saw what she meant. Or should I say felt. The tiger’s nose is fuzzy! Now I understand what Mamma means. The page is all hard and smooth, and then where the tiger’s nose is, it feels so different. I just couldn’t stop touching and rubbing the tiger’s nose.

*Yawn* Well, I really should be getting back to bed now. I’ve been up long enough. Mamma has given me some of that pink stuff so I’m feeling a bit better and ready to sleep again. Good night!


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