Chewy Chews-day

Well, today I’ve been a bit grumpy –  we went for a walk around the grounds at Saltram House but I just couldn’t appreciate the sunshine or the lovely surroundings because my mouth hurts 😦

All I really wanted to do was have lots and lots of cuddles with Mamma, but instead I had to be polite to other grown ups and their babies. And when I wasn’t having cuddles I just wanted to sleep, so I haven’t been in the modelling mood at all.

However, despite all the sleep and grumpiness, I have made two very important discoveries today:

1. Velcro does NOT feel nice in my mouth.

2. Zips are GREAT to chew on.

Goodnight! Zzzzzzzz……..


One response to “Chewy Chews-day

  1. 2 very important discoveries indeed~! Miss you my boy. This place is awesome, maybe one day you will also go ons school trips like these!

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