Monday, Sunny Monday

Since Pappa is away this week, I will be posting every day to make sure he knows what I’ve been doing. I can’t promise they’ll be long, but I will try to at least put up a photo each day.

This was my morning, still in my pyjamas:

Plenty of playing, interspersed with sleeping

This was my Monday afternoon (after seeing my friends at Latch-On group):

Enjoying the sunshine. Then it was time to sleep!

We hung out in the sunshiney patch on Mamma’s bed. As usual, I was chewing on either my fish or a mobile phone. And I tried so hard to get the camera too… so hard, in fact, that when I grabbed the camera I actually pressed Mamma’s hand and she took that third photo. I’m claiming it’s a self portrait –  maybe I should be a photographer instead of a model!

And Mamma took a sneaky photo of me sleeping! She said it’s because Pappa always likes to creep into my room when I’m sleeping to look at me. I didn’t know that! Maybe I should try and stay awake to ‘catch’ him next time <sneaky laugh> She also said that I was asleep before she could even do up my sleeping bag properly! Boy, it’s tiring being so cute.


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