Wakey Wakey, Sunshine!

What lovely spring sunshine we’ve had this week. I went out on the grass for the first time – it was quite strange to be outside and standing on my own two bare feet; usually I’m in the buggy when I’m outdoors.

I also sat out on the decking in the sunshine and played with my toys.

This week Mamma and I walked to town. I watched Mamma have her eyes tested, we walked around the market, and got some Euro’s for Pappa. All very exciting, especially because everyone looks at me and talks to me and tells Mamma I’m so cute 🙂

This afternoon the sun was pouring in onto Mamma’s bed so we played there for a while. I was playing with Mamma’s phone but took a break from my gadget obsession to show off my modelling poses. Here are a few of them:

You can see that my cheeks are quite pink. This is partly because I had just woken up from a loooooooovely long nap, but also because I’m teething. I’ve been doing lots of chewing and thumb-sucking because my gums feel a bit uncomfortable. I’ve also had some extra naps, which Mamma thinks is great… Although I make up for it at night by waking up every couple of hours. Heehee <sneaky laugh>.

In the middle photo, I’m doing my favourite pose at the moment – crossing my legs. I also love grabbing at my trouser legs and pulling them up as far as I can to show off my chubby lovely knees. In the photo at the bottom right, I’m doing my ‘drama queen’ fake cough… I think it’s hilarious to pretend I’m coughing – Mamma and Pappa always check to make sure I’m ok, so it’s a great way to get their attention. And then Mamma copies my cough which cracks me up every time!

Have a happy weekend, everyone.


One response to “Wakey Wakey, Sunshine!

  1. We love your weekly update – it’s second best to moving in next door to you. Thank you for showing us your favourite crossing your legs pose and all about your fake cough. We see your sense of humour developing already. Hope the teeth don’t hassle you (or your folks) too much. Lotsa love, Granny & Grandpa

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